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Aurum Venture Partners (AVP) is a community-powered team with over seven decades of industry experience and expertise in Smart Enterprise, Emerging Technologies, Fintech and Web 3.0. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering start-ups, poised for transforming markets through disruptive technologies.

We’re more than just funding; our strong ecosystem provides a strategic, supportive and collaborative environment for growth. We help our entrepreneurs access the right resources, networks, and industry know-how to create deep value, as they scale their businesses. Partner with us for a successful journey as Founders & Investors to create world-class businesses and maximize your returns.

Pillars of Sustainability

Investment Thesis


Unbundling of the big banks, embedded finance, and consumerization of Fintech are driving unparalleled opportunities, as Fintech continues to power increased penetration with trustworthy and accessible financial services for all.

Smart Enterprises ​

Enterprises are starting to leverage traditionally siloed warehouses of dark data and unlocking new compute paradigms resulting in unprecedented rates of AI-powered digital transformation; thus, driving efficiencies, improving governance, security and compliance at scale.

Crypto Web3 & Metaverse

Expansion of NFTs in gaming/music industries, continued scaling of DeFi, and the growth of DAOs, all require critical infrastructure investments to enable cross-chain interoperability, enhanced scalability, and improved audit & security.

Investments & Funds


Smart Enterprises

Deep Tech

Crypto Solutions built for businesses using proven crypto and blockchain technology.

High-speed human computer interfaces to augment humans with all-day, real-time AI

Building the world’s first Web3 marketplace + community

Our Investments in Fund of Fund

(Fund of Fund: VU2 Fund)

Our Approach

Our strategic and inclusive approach to investing and creating growth and returns aligns with our philosophy of a win-win strategy for our investors and portfolio companies. We take an inclusive approach to practices and strategies to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations, including investment decisions, team composition, and portfolio management.

Moving The Needle Through Our Partnerships​

Founders & Co-Investors

We partner with Founders, General Partners, Limited Partners and institutions across IT, Finance and Investment ecosystem. We are supported by co-investors from top institutions at various stages of funding while tapping into our own expertise and networks to build businesses.


Our team including our investors are supported by renowned fund administrators and experts -from various backgrounds such as banking, legal, audit, tax and governance - to ensure transparency, safety and security in our business; Thus, giving more time for investors and entrepreneurs.

Partner with us and be the change-makers.

Let’s come together to create value in the industries we serve.

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The Community Powered Venture Capital

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