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Aurum Venture Partners (AVP) is a community-powered team with over seven decades of industry experience and expertise in Smart Enterprise, Emerging Technologies, Fintech and Web 3.0. We are dedicated to supporting and empowering start-ups, poised for transforming markets through disruptive technologies.

We’re more than just funding; our strong ecosystem provides a strategic, supportive and collaborative environment for growth. We help our entrepreneurs access the right resources, networks, and industry know-how to create deep value, as they scale their businesses.  

Partner with us for a successful journey as Founders & Investors to create world-class businesses and maximize your returns.

Pillars of Sustainability


Global-wide network with deep industry expertise! Our in-depth knowledge, experience and industry insight have given us a platform to create the next wave of unicorns. We are a unique and actionable venture capital fund model that creates significant unfair and sustainable competitive advantage(s) for our portfolio companies. A ‘go-to’ company to scale new height, shape a definitive future and create incredible wealth creation opportunities.


Community network of technology experts, Finance advisors and Investor Consultants who understand the market dynamics. We focus on real people behind every idea to support them with strategy and innovation to invent in the future; Provide best-in-class expertise for both investing decisions and the entrepreneurs we back. With a collaborative and flexible approach we empower start-ups by nurturing their vision and help investors gain ROI.


Create value through our strategic and innovative approach. In an ever changing market, we offer out-of-the-box thinking and approach towards valuations and possible value additions. We leverage our connectivity, visibility and accessibility for more effective and sustainable solutions; Help explore untapped opportunities to achieve the best possible returns. Our Innovation meets today’s needs and tomorrow’s challenges while driving disruptive & emerging technologies.


Our philosophy is to create value for our partners. We are seeing a growing success with our concerted efforts and focus on creating value through Innovation, Strategy, Operations, Mentorship and Leadership for our founders, portfolio companies and Investors. Result: Penetration into global markets with their disruptive technology products, thus validating investment thesis. Scaling of operations, effective management, strengthening corporate governance and investor follow-on have created significant value for our start-ups.

Investment Thesis


Enterprises are starting to leverage traditionally siloed warehouses of dark data and unlocking new compute paradigms resulting in unprecedented rates of AI-powered digital transformation; thus, driving efficiencies, improving governance, security and compliance at scale.


Unbundling of the big banks, embedded finance, and consumerization of Fintech are driving unparalleled opportunities, as Fintech continues to power increased penetration with trustworthy and accessible financial services for all.


Expansion of NFTs in gaming/music industries, continued scaling of DeFi, and the growth of DAOs, all require critical infrastructure investments to enable cross-chain interoperability, enhanced scalability, and improved audit & security.

Companies we Invested

Driving technology for leading brands



Our strategic and inclusive approach to investing and creating growth and returns aligns with our philosophy of a win-win strategy for our investors and portfolio companies.

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