Our Approach

Our strategic and inclusive approach to investing and creating growth and returns aligns with our philosophy of a win-win strategy for our investors and portfolio companies.

We take an inclusive approach to practices and strategies to help promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of our operations, including investment decisions, team composition, and portfolio management. Here are some insights into our approach:

  1. Thorough Due Diligence: We believe conducting comprehensive due diligence on potential investment opportunities is critical. This involves evaluating the start-up’s business model, market potential, competitive landscape, financials, team, and other key factors to assess the overall investment viability.
  2. Strategic Investment Thesis: We develop a clear and well-defined investment thesis that aligns with our firm’s overall strategy. We add value through identifying specific industries and domains, technologies (Smart Enterprise, Fintech, and Crypto/NFT/Web 3.0.) where our expertise lies and also by defining the fund stage and geography that align with our firm’s investment goals.
  3. Active Portfolio Management: We take an active approach to portfolio management which is crucial for creating growth and returns – providing strategic guidance, mentoring, and operational support to portfolio companies to help them achieve their business objectives. We leverage our network, industry expertise, and resources to our enable portfolio companies’ scale and succeed.
  4. Value Creation Strategies: Essentially we implement value creation strategies that go beyond capital investment. This includes operational excellence, enabling managerial excellence, implementing effective governance, and facilitating follow-on investments. We focus on adding value and driving growth in portfolio companies through various means beyond just financial support.
  5. Long-term Partnership: Building long-term partnerships with portfolio companies is the way to success. We develop a collaborative and supportive relationship with founders, align interests, and maintain open communication channels to help foster strong partnerships. This can result in mutual success and alignment of goals for the long-term, creating a win-win situation for our firm and portfolio companies.
  6. Risk Management: We implement effective risk management strategies critical to mitigating potential risks and maximizing returns. Some of them include diversifying the portfolio, managing risk through active monitoring and engagement, and having contingency plans in place.
  7. Exit Strategy: We plan and execute an effective exit strategy, important to help realize returns for our firm and our investors. This may involve IPOs, acquisitions, or other strategic exits based on the unique circumstances of each portfolio company.

By following these effective approaches, we strategically invest, actively manage our portfolio, create value, and thus generate growth and returns for our investors and start-ups.

Partner with us and be the change-makers.

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